Port officials seize $200,000 worth of fake iPhones

Fake iPhone parts seized at the border.
(Photo: CBP)

SAN DIEGO — Officials seized nearly 5,000 counterfeit iPhones and iPhone backings at the Port of San Diego last month.

The fake phones were part of a shipment from Portugal on Sept. 18. Customs and Border Protection discovered that the three pallets of boxes were filled with counterfeit backings and screens for a variety of iPhone models.

If they were sold at the cost of genuine Apple products, they would have made the counterfeiters $222,113, border officials said. All told, 4,820 counterfeit iPhone parts were seized.

“One of our goals is to protect American consumers and U.S. industry from the threats posed by counterfeiting and piracy,” said Port of San Diego Port Director Bill Snyder. “The attention to detail from these CBP officers helped protect the nation’s economic security.”

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