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Police are searching for whoever put googly eyes on this Georgia monument

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SAVANNAH, Ga. — Well, someone put googly eyes on a historical monument in Georgia.

The City of Savannah isn’t laughing, either. “It may look funny but harming our historic monuments and public property is no laughing matter,” officials wrote on Facebook, though the post belies a certain sense of humor about the ordeal.

It happened to the city’s statue of Nathanael Greene, one of George Washington’s trustiest generals from the American Revolutionary War, which stands in Johnson Square, near Savannah City Hall.

The Facebook post is a hit, garnering 21,000 shares over a few days and drawing viral interest from news outlets. If Savannah isn’t laughing, the internet sure is. There are about 8,900 “laughing” reactions on the Facebook post alone.

Savannah says they’re searching for the prankster, who could be charged with a crime.

But it doesn’t sound like Georgians are going to be flooding the police tip line: “We ain’t snitches,” a top comment reads.

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