Small restaurant owners plead with city to reject styrofoam ban

SAN DIEGO -- Small restaurant owners from San Diego's District 4  piled into City Council President Myrtle Cole's office Friday to drop off letters on why city leaders should vote no on a local styrofoam ban proposal.

The ban would prohibit styrofoam products like ice chests, coolers and beach toys. It would also ban restaurant items like food trays and cups.

Danny Haisha was one of the many restaurant owners who showed up to Cole's office Friday. He said  styrofoam is extremely affordable -- switching to alternative items may double or triple his cost.

"It will cost me more money," said Haisha. "We have to pay employees, we are not Panera Bread, we can't absorb the cost like that."

Cole was not available for comment. FOX 5 was told she had a previous engagement.

We did reach out to the creator of the proposal, Chris Ward of District 3. Ward said the proposal is all about protecting the environment. If passed, businesses can apply for a hardship waiver that will allow them to phase out styrofoam at their own pace.