Humane society investigates possible dog poisoning in North Park

SAN DIEGO -- Pet owners in North Park are warning that someone is possibly trying to poison their dogs.

Brownie, a 12-year-old lab, was recently taken to the vet by Laura Oliver, who founded Lionel's Legacy Senior Dog Rescue. Oliver said Tuesday morning, Brownie was on a walk with her foster mom on Arizona Street between Dwight and Myrtle Avenue when something caught Brownie's attention.

“The foster mom noticed she was especially tuned in to something on the ground and she kind of took a nibble and the foster mom caught her and pulled her back and saw that she ingested something and then when she took a closer look, she noticed it was bright green, mixed with something and it obviously looked like it shouldn’t have been there,” Laura Oliver, Brownie's caretaker, said.

Assuming what she ate was rat poison, Brownie was rushed to the vet.

“We were really fortunate we got her in here very quickly,” Oliver said.

More than a day later, Oliver reported Brownie seemed to be doing OK, but said she is not in the clear.

“We did notice that she’s having a little bit of wobbliness in her front and back legs and of course she already has joint issues already so it was hard to tell is it from the poisoning? Is it just her joints? And they said no, considering how she was yesterday, it does seem like it's the effect of the poison,” Oliver said.

Brownie is being carefully watched as the San Diego Humane Society investigates.

“This issue extends being a danger just to dogs. We are also concerned about children and wildlife in the community who could be put at risk by something like this. We will be collaborating with our law enforcement partners in this investigation,” said Chief of Humane Law Enforcement Steve MacKinnon.

“Super alarming because literally every house that I can think of on our block has a dog,” Lauren Tacoma, a North Park, resident said. “It’s like a family member. Why would someone intentionally try to hurt a dog they don’t even know?"

It's a question people want answered, and to the person who may have intentionally set out the green mixture, Oliver hopes they hear her message.

“Whatever pain or hurt they have, I hope they have a better way of dealing with it instead of trying to hurt animals or the people,” Oliver said.

The humane society said it cannot reveal details of the case because it is an open investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call  619-299-7012.

You can follow how Brownie is doing on Facebook.

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