Longer ballots could mean longer lines at the polls

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SAN DIEGO -- Voters around the county are starting to get their election guides and sample ballots in the mail. If you've gotten yours, you've probably noticed there's a lot of information to go over.

Michael Vu, San Diego County's registrar of voters, said they are working overtime to get the guides and ballots out. He said there's a lot more work to do with 274 office races and 52 state and local questions to be decided on this November.

“This is the second time in the history of our county where we’ve had to run on a two-card ballot both front and back,” Vu said. 

A ballot FOX 5 was shown on Friday was over well over 5 feet long when spread out.

Vu said a longer ballot means more studying. He explained altogether, people in the City of San Diego can expect to read around 1,000 pages. Two measures, the Soccer City initiative and a San Diego Unified School District bond measure, make up most of the content.

“If voters don’t want to read it online and they want to receive a hard copy of it they can certainly contact our office,” Vu said. 

Besides taking time out to do your research, Vu advises mail ballot voters to get them in promptly. As for those who plan on heading to the polls, he recommends that those voters pre-mark their sample ballots.

"The reason why is the concern is that if everyone is taking up all the voting booths that is going to delay the voting process,” Vu said. 

Vu said with a much longer ballot this year, there is a possibility of longer lines at the polls and a longer wait to get results.

The Registrar of Voters said mail ballots will be sent out starting October 8 and the mail application deadline is October 30.

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