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Teen shark attack victim released from hospital

Keane Hayes

SAN DIEGO — The 13-year-old boy who was attacked by a shark over the weekend in Encinitas has been released from the hospital.

Keane Hayes was diving for lobster at Beacon’s Beach in Encinitas Saturday morning when he was bit. After being rushed to Rady Children’s hospital, Keane underwent several hours of surgery. According to Dr. Tim Fairbanks, Chief of Chief of Pediatric and Trauma Surgery, Keane had injuries to his back, shoulder, torso, ear and face.

Keane’s mother spoke about her son’s condition Monday afternoon.

“We got very, very lucky and we know it and we are very thankful,” mother Ellie Hayes said. “He’s a warrior. I didn’t know he was that good of a swimmer.”

Fairbanks said it was the Good Samaritans that pulled him out of the water, the first responders and medical staff that saved Keane’s life, but that the 8th grader’s will to live is what really makes him a survivor.

“He made a decision immediately to take action to save himself and then those around him continued to provide that care,” Dr. Fairbanks said.