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Sheriff’s deputies learn to use new lifesaving trauma kits

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SAN DIEGO - The San Diego County Sheriff Department held a live training exercise in Imperial Beach Monday to introduce a newly upgraded trauma kit.

The kit is something every first responder can clip to his or her belt for easy access. Its compact, measuring just 5 by 7 inches, but it is packed with all kinds of lifesaving tools.

In the exercise Monday, deputies responded to an active shooter situation with one man down.    Deputies administered lifesaving aid including the use of a trauma sled, the newest edition to the hit, and can be used like an emergency medical technician’s gurney.

Deputy Daniel Sloppye said they train to make it second nature.

“It’s like muscle memory, that’s the way we try to teach it. You know where your gun is and now you know where you keep your tourniquet,” Sloppye said.  “We train so much, we can almost do it in the dark, by the time you’re training is done you can do it with your eyes closed.”

Each kit contains a tourniquet, chest seal, trauma shears and hemostatic dressing that stops bleeding.

And the newest feature is a sled, an easy way to carry victims without causing further harm to their injuries.

All these tools save first responders valuable minutes that could be the difference between life and death.

“One of the easiest ways to prevent death is to stop bleeding out. If you’ve got a gunshot wound to the leg, and it hit an artery, it only takes two minutes to bleed out,” Sloppye said. “It’s very important we have the training and we have the tools to carry them with you at all times.”

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