Nutella-style flavor M&M’s coming soon to your local chocolate aisle

SAN DIEGO — Nutella fans, rejoice!

Hazelnut-spread M&M’s are set to hit store shelves starting April 2019, it was announced.

“The industry is changing and consumer tastes are evolving. We’re continuing to recognize and anticipate demand. We’re excited to debut M&M’S Chocolate Bars and know that our M&M’S fans and chocolate bar lovers alike will appreciate the delicious taste that comes from our rich and creamy chocolate,” said Allison Miazga-Bedrick, senior brand director, M&M’S Brand. “We’re equally passionate for the launch of M&M’S Hazelnut Spread Chocolate Candies next year. We’re thrilled to deliver this new flavor with color and fun, in a way that only M&M’S can.”

The hazelnut-spread candies will come in a teal bag. The new flavor will join other new additions to the M&M’s family including white chocolate, caramel and white chocolate peanut.