Local man fed up after water main breaks repeatedly flood his home

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. -- A man is pushing for better infrastructure outside his home in the National City area after his backyard was washed out twice in the last year due to water main breaks.

Both breaks occurred up the street from his house. With his home's position at the bottom of a slope and the lack of a sidewalk or curb, the water flowed right into his backyard.

After the first break happened in January, Miguel Mendez says he tried voicing his concerns to the city, but felt he got the runaround.

"I'm just concerned about my property, my home," said Mendez.

And when another water main break happened last week, water poured into his yard yet again.

Each time it’s happened, the city has sent out crews responsible for the clean-up of Mendez’s yard and any other damage. But Mendez still wants something to be done about the curb.

FOX 5 reached out to the city today for comment on how he should go about his request. A spokesperson told us the city’s “Get it done" app is the best avenue for Mendez or anyone looking to make a similar request in their neighborhood. We were there as Mendez filed an official report, in hopes he can find solution before a similar issue happens again.

Mendez tells FOX 5 city workers will be back at his home Thursday continuing clean-up. He hopes to receive a response back from his formal request in the near future.

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