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Elderly woman talks about brutal beating during home invasion

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – An 81-year-old grandmother was the victim of a brutal home invasion robbery and because she can’t give police a description, they are asking for help from the public.

It happened two weeks ago in broad daylight before 10 a.m. at a home on L Street.  The woman, who asked us to identify her only as Millie, had just returned home from her exercise class. When she pulled her car into the garage, it felt really hot so she left the door open.

“I’ve had no problem for 47 years, so who thought I’d have a problem?” Millie said.  “I left the garage door open to let the hot air out.”

She went inside the house to find her dog Benji and let him outside in the backyard to do his business.  When they came back inside and made their way down the hall to her back bedroom, Benji started wildly barking.

“I’m not scared, because I have no cause to be, but I said ‘Come on Benji, there nothing here.  It’s probably just a little mouse,’” she said.  “I got halfway down the hall and there was a tap on my shoulder. [The attacker] must have been in the bedroom and followed me down the hall, but I didn’t hear it.”

And that’s all Millie remembers.  She was knocked out and badly beaten.  When she recovered consciousness about 30 minutes had passed.  She was able to crawl to the phone and called 911.

After more than a week in the hospital, she says she has recovered to about 80 percent of her physical state before the beating.

“I’m a bit wobbly.  My balance is off.  My neck hurts because, the only thing he took --  I have gold sovereign, if you know what that is,” she explained.

It’s a necklace that holds a hundred-year-old gold coin with an image of Queen Victoria.  Her parents gave it to her for her 21st birthday.

“I’m sad about that, because I wore it every day, and then I think about my parents and they’re long gone,” she said. “But I think they’d rather me be alive and not have my sovereign.”

Millie never saw her attacker and never heard the person’s voice. She has been unable to tell investigators anything that could help the identify the person.

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