El Cajon councilman served with another lawsuit

EL CAJON, Calif. -- During the El Cajon City Council meeting Tuesday, councilmember Ben Kalasho was served with papers for a lawsuit.

Kalasho, who is already on probation for breaking Workmans Comp laws, has been the subject of other lawsuits. He, his wife and nonprofit have been sued for defamation and fraud.

A beauty pageant contestant has also accused Kalasho of asking her for sexual favors in exchange for the crown, something Kalasho has denied.

The new lawsuit was filed weeks ago in federal court, but they had not been able to serve Kalasho with the documents until Tuesday night.

Mark Lane, the plaintiff in the case, is accusing Kalasho of violating free speech rights of people who follow Kalasho on social media.

“Public officials that use their personal pages to do public commentary lose their personal page status," Lane said. "It’s now an open page and constituents and citizens have access to it and can talk and can engage."

Kalasho did not make himself available for comment about the lawsuit or his other legal troubles.