Hawaii on edge again as Hurricane Olivia heads for the islands

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HONOLULU, Hawaii — Lane, Norman, now Olivia.

Hawaii residents are on edge again as the latest storm threat shows Hurricane Olivia headed for the Islands. While the storm may get downgraded by the time it reaches Hawaii, many residents are staying prepared.

Iwilei Costco is the world’s busiest Costco and Saturday, even busier as people start to prepare for Olivia. Salt Lake resident Rebecca Cabasag and her family prepared for Lane and is back to restock hurricane supplies. “Once we get the warning there is something out there. We as a family, We’re always prepared because that’s our belief cuz one day it will come and we don’t wanna be sorry. It’s better to be safe than sorry,” Cabasag said.

Cabasag takes every hurricane warning seriously. “I know we haven’t been hit with a hurricane on the island for a while, we are due for one. I’m afraid it’s going to be a big one,” she said.

Jaime Havron, Iwilei Costco’s general manager says foot traffic is up in stores, not the same amount as Lane but people are still concerned.

If you are one of those with “storm-fatigue” and you aren’t worried about the latest hurricane threat, Central Pacific Hurricane Center says think twice.

“Olivia may get even closer than Lane did or directly across the chain, bringing localized damaging winds and possibly intense rain fall, flooding, very high surf and storm surge. Something we’re really concerned about as Olivia gets close… We want everyone, especially Oahu to the Big Island to be preparing for a possible direct hit from Olivia,” Robert Ballard, science and operations officer at Central Pacific Hurricane Center, said.

Hurricane season runs until November 30.

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