Masked intruder steals military memorabilia, sentimental items from South Bay family

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- Tens of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry, guns and designer items were recently stolen from a family's home in a brand new housing development located in the Southeastern part of Chula Vista.

Watching the video of an intruder leaving their home makes the Bermudez family feel sick.

“It doesn’t feel the same anymore. I just don’t feel safe,” Elizabeth Bermudez said. 

Friday morning around 9 a.m. -- just after Elizabeth left home -- someone broke through a window.

“The blinds were all messed up. So I noticed something was wrong,” Elizabeth said. 

Elizabeth said she went upstairs to the bedroom to see drawers full of jewelry were wiped clean and the most sentimental thing to her was gone.

“My wedding ring that meant the world to me because my husband worked so hard to get me my ring of my dreams,” Elizabeth said. 

Little by little, the couple discovered other things missing: designer hats, bags, perfumes, watches and two guns - along with ammo - stolen from their safe.

“It’s really hard to think that my guns are out there with a big potential to take a life, in the hands of somebody that should have never had those guns,” Daniel Bermudez said. 

During an interview with FOX 5, Daniel suddenly remembered other possessions that were taken.

“I was just thinking about it. He took all my deployment coins,” he said, looking at his wife.

Coins that he planned on passing down to his children.

“All my navy memorabilia," Daniel said as tears rolled down his face.

Everything stolen are things the family earned by working hard.

“All those deployments. All that time away from my family that I worked so that I could have what I’ve been able to provide for them, and just taken like that,” Daniel said. 

Since the crime, they have beefed up security at their home. Now they are just focusing on taking it one day at a time.

“Praying and staying strong and supporting one another through this, and you know we will get through this,” Elizabeth said. 

Chula Vista police are investigating and ask for anyone with information to call the tip line at 619-422-TIPS.

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