Man shot dead while attempting to steal occupied yacht, police say

SAN DIEGO -- Police were investigating a shooting that left a man dead on a boat docked at a National City pier Tuesday.

The shooting aboard the catamaran motor yacht "Seaweed," docked at Pier 32 Marina located at 3201 Marina Way was reported around 4 a.m., according to National City police.

Witnesses reported a boat owner got off of a large yacht and yelled for help, telling others that he had shot and killed an intruder. A man, a woman and a dog were in the boat when the suspected intruder boarded the vessel, according to the witness.

The intruder, who was not immediately identified, was pronounced dead at the dock, police said.

Police determined that the trespasser had released the mooring lines of the yacht and set it adrift. He then tried to start the engines before forcing his way into the cabin, National City police Sgt. Chris Cameron said.

"Everybody knows the story behind it and some of the tragedy," said John Pollard.

Pollard lives on the boat across from the Seaweed.  He said the couple involved are the parents of Michael Llamas.  Llamas is the former hemp oil entrepreneur killed in a fiery high-speed crash in November.  He died when slammed his Lamborghini into a curb, then a palm tree before it burst into flames.  The crash also killed model and beauty queen Stephanie Rivera.

"And so the boat had fallen into probate and uh the parents had recently moved onto the boat, they have it up for sale," said Pollard.

He also said the suspect who tried to steal the $1.8 million yacht also lives at Pier 32.

"I've heard from other people that have run into him, that he was never quite there that you know he had some issues," said Pollard.

Police have yet to release any information on the suspect.  As for Pollard's neighbors, he said living on a boat, you're never fully secure and his reaction would have been the same.

"You never know who’s on your boat I’m sure the owner was faced with a hard decision and I feel bad for the families because they’ve just had one tragedy after another," said Pollard.

It was not immediately clear if the boat owner would face any charges in connection with the fatal shooting.

Several boaters were evacuated as officers searched the area, police said. They were allowed to return to their boats shortly before 7:30 a.m.

No other outstanding suspects were being sought in the incident, police said.

Homicide detectives were investigating.

Officers from National City Police Department and Harbor Police Department were investigating.

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