Rumored threats cancel North County Pop Warner practice

OCEANSIDE — Police in Oceanside are conducting extra patrols throughout the city and near Melba Bishop Park Friday after alleged threats to the community’s safety caused coaches and parents to cancel Pop Warner practice.

“OPD worked late into the evening (Thursday) attempting to track down the source of this threat and thus far has not been able to determine whether or not the threats were valid or just a rumor,” the Oceanside Police Department told FOX 5. “OPD has officers conducting extra patrols throughout the city, with special emphasis in the ‘back gate’ area.”

Police did not immediately comment on what specifically the threats entailed, but a Pop Warner practice at Melba Bishop Park was not held as scheduled. The FBI told FOX 5 they were not aware of any potential threats to the community’s safety, but confirmed they were in contact with local police to determine “whether there is a federal nexus.”

Anyone with information about the rumor of menacing messages was encouraged to contact OPD at 760-435-4411.

We will update this developing story as we learn more.

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