New scooter sharing company launches in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO – A new company has dropped several hundred dockless electric scooters in downtown San Diego.

Razor Scooter dropped off several hundred scooters on Monday and the company plans to add more to its fleet. It becomes the fifth dockless bike or scooter sharing company to operate in the city. The red Razor scooters join the black Bird scooters and the green scooters of Lime on local streets. Mobike and ofo offer only bikes.

City leaders have been trying to come up with regulations to bring some order to the chaotic bike and scooter sharing market in the city. Residents in several neighborhoods have complained about reckless scooter riders causing collisions and injuries, and businesses have complained that bikes and scooters are left carelessly on sidewalks, causing congestion for pedestrians and blocking business entrances.

City Councilwoman Barbara Bry tried to get the council to pass a temporary ban on electric scooters in the city’s beach communities, but she couldn’t get it passed. She told FOX 5 that the launch of Razor Scooters will only increase the complaints, and it will not be the last company to come to San Diego.

“Uber and Lyft are going to be entering the San Diego market with dockless bikes and scooters, so it’s clear we’re going to need a reasonable set of rules and regulations,” Bry said. I am very concerned about possible accidents – both the people on bikes and scooters, pedestrians and people in cars.”

The new Razor Scooters do not come with helmets, but company representatives said they plan to hand out helmets to riders during the launch.

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