Duncan Hunter has plenty of supporters and critics in his district

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LAKESIDE, Calif. -- Ron Kasper is solidly behind embattled Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter saying Hunter deserves his day in court.

Kasper, who runs a ranch in Lakeside, is not ready to turn his back on Hunter.

"A person charged with a crime, regardless of what that crime is, is innocent until proven guilty," said Kasper.

Hunter and his wife, Margaret, routinely -- and illegally -- used campaign funds to pay personal bills big and small, from luxury vacations to kids' school lunches and delinquent family dentistry bills, according to a 47-page indictment unsealed Tuesday.

Kasper plans on voting for Hunter in November something Bert Campanella won't be doing.

"I think he's entitled to a trial but I think the evidence is overwhelming at this point and time," said Campanella, who lives on Greenfield Drive in El Cajon.

Campanella and some of his neighbors have been placing signs in their neighborhood asking that Hunter be indicted something that will formally happen Thursday in federal court.

"Even if his wife was writing some of the checks, I don't think he could be totally blind to the expenditures of $250,000 without knowing somehow it was wrong," said Campanella.

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