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Suspected drunk driver crashes into boy’s bedroom

SAN DIEGO -- A man is suspected of crashing his car into a Skyline home, smashing into a boy's bedroom before fleeing and being arrested on DUI charges early Saturday.

According to police, the residents of a home in the 7000 block of Skyline Drive were greeted soon after midnight by a Honda plowing through the front of their home.

“We were sleeping and somebody hit our house,” said Joanna and Kenneth Hallcox. “Went airborne from there; hit the corner of the house ... When he hit the tree, it flipped the car over."

Officers were alerted to the crash shortly after 12:15 a.m., San Diego Police Officer Steve Bourasa said. The driver ran from the scene, but police said officers were able to catch him a short while later.

Drunk driving was suspected as a factor in the crash, according to Bourasa. Officers at the scene also reported a smell of marijuana, he said.

Joanna Hallcox tells FOX 5 the driver crashed right into her son's bedroom, but thankfully he wasn't in the room at the time.

The crash caused significant structural damage to the home, Bourasa said, but no one was injured.

“Bit of a shock to come out here and see a car -- you’re wondering how it got exactly where it’s at: 'How did it get all the way over here?'” said Kenneth Hallcox. “I’m just amazed (the driver is) still alive. I really am, because there’s nothing left of the car and we’ve been finding parts all over.”