WATCH: Mom saves kids before toy jeep bursts into flames

BOSTON — A mother in Massachusetts narrowly pulled her kids to safety before a toy jeep burst into flames this week, WBZ reports.

Michelle Kline was watching her kids drive the toy — a $500 ‘SPORTrax Awesome XL’ — when she noticed a funny smell.

Within moments, smoke started pouring out of the jeep. Kline ran toward the car, where her 16-month old and 3-year old were still buckled in, and rushed them to safety. A short time later, towering flames were leaping from the plastic jeep.

Investigators believe the blaze broke out because of a malfunction with the toy’s battery, and local fire officials have notified the Consumer Product Safety Commission, fire marshal, distributor and manufacturer.

Kline said the kids haven’t seemed too upset without their jeep and she won’t be buying a new one. It’s back to the old-school peddle bikes for now.

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