Bobcat sightings startle North County neighbors

POWAY, Calif. -- Neighbors in Poway have been startled to see a bobcat appear in at least two backyards on the same block within the past several days.

Residents living near Pomerado Road and Robison Boulevard say the encounters started earlier this week, when Janelle Baldestamon captured video of the early morning visitor lounging under a swing-set and eyeing her pet rabbits.

Baldestamon told FOX 5 she shooed the cat away by banging on a bucket, adding, with a laugh: "It looked at me like I was kind of crazy."

Within a few days, another neighbor down the street captured video of a bobcat wandering near their property -- though it's not clear if it's the same feline or a different one. Those who have lived in the neighborhood for years say the sightings are rare.

Bobcats are native to California and they make their home in open space areas like Poway. Experts say the cats usually keep to themselves and aren't particularly dangerous, though they can kill pets.

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