Disturbing ‘Momo suicide challenge’ targets teens, prompts users to commit self-harm

SAN DIEGO– Another viral challenge has hit the web, but this time, the intention is anything but pure.

Police issued a warning about a video game known as ‘Momo’ that’s gaining popularity on WhatsApp.

WhasApp, owned by Facebook, features the suicide challenge that targets teens. ‘Momo’ asks users to commit self-harm and even suicide after adding a contact, FOX News reported.

Apparently, ‘Momo’ may appear in the night or curse users of they do not response.

Investigators warmed that criminals can use the game to steal user’s information, according to FOX News.

The game is being compared to the ‘Blue Whale challenge,’ that was linked to reports of suicide in Russia and the U.S.

‘Momo’ was also compared to ‘Slender Man,’ a game that eventually led to the sentencing of a teenage girl in second-degree intentional homicide.

Police in Spain warned residents not to add the app.

Mexican police also warned users not to add friends they do not know when using the app.

Suicide crisis hotline: 888-724-7240 or up2sd.org.