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‘Pink Tax’ costing women extra money on common items

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — “Pink Tax” could be making your trips to the grocery store more expensive.

“Pink Tax” is the term used for the extra money women often pay for the same products men use, like deodorant and shampoo.

News4 went to a popular retail store and took a look on the shelf.

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The same brand of shampoo was 60 cents more expensive for a version targeted towards women versus one targeted for men.

Likewise, a deodorant branded for women was 60-cents more than the men’s deodorant from the same brand.

Experts say women can pay up to $1,300 more every year.

A professor at Middle Tennessee State University said there is one easy thing women can do to tackle the problem.

“Pick the products that are supposedly either for men or gender neutral as opposed to the ones that are ‘pinkified’ or orientated towards women our girls,” said Dr. Katherine Foss.

Another recommendation is reaching out to the companies and voicing your concerns.


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