East County residents find ways to beat the heat

EL CAJON, Calif. — As a heat wave hits San Diego County, people are doing what they can to stay cool.

Monday afternoon, dozens of residents lined up at the Yogurt Mill, a popular frozen yogurt shop in El Cajon, to get a taste of relief.

“It's been horrible," Spring Valley resident Kako Hoss said of the hot spell. "We’re going to get our yogurt, we’re going to go home and get back in the air conditioning."

But the shop's employees faced their own troubles escaping the hot weather. At one point, when the shop reached a sweltering 96 degrees, the inside temperature was warmer than it was outside.

Employee Trent Lancaster said it’s largely due to “the general architectural style of the building.”

"It's hard to put AC ventilation in here and it's just an old building, too," Lancaster said.

The older building operates on a swamp cooler and has plenty of fans to keep employees cool, but even so, they find creative ways to cool down.

“On our breaks, we'll hang out in the walk-in freezer every now and then, we’ll get cold towels and put them around our necks,” Lancaster said.

But customers were willing to withstand the warmth while ordering.

"Usually we'll have the line all the way out the door, around the building sometimes," Lancaster said. "Sometimes we'll have to serve past our closing time because the line's so big."