Benefit concert calls for gun violence prevention

SAN DIEGO -- People piled into the Music Box downtown for a benefit concert promoting gun violence prevention.

The event was hosted by the Brady Campaign. Organizers say they don't want to take away guns. Instead, they say they hope to push lawmakers to enforce sensible gun regulations.

"If we can regulate firearms like we regulate and endorse regulations on cars in this country, we would be a much (more) safe and sane place," said Ron Marcus

Celebrities appeared on the red carpet and shared their stories of gun violence. Actress Paris Bravo flew in from Orlando, Florida. She says her cousin was gunned down in a road rage incident less than a month ago. She believes we may have to take a different approach to fix the problem.

"We should focus on the people," said Bravo. "People should have more awareness about what they are doing and how many people they are hurting."