Supply post for Alpine fire victims set up at elementary school

ALPINE, Calif. – An elementary school in Alpine has been converted into a supply post where victims of last week’s West Fire can pick up donated clothing, food and household goods.

The supply post and donation drop off opened Wednesday at Boulder Oaks Elementary School at 2320 Tavern Road. It is open from 10 am. to 7 p.m. for the rest of the week.

Fire victims can pick up supplies and community members can drop off donations at the school. Fire victims like Lisa Ford who lost her entire home and belongings is grateful for the generosity of the community.

“It was down the other side of the park so I’m thinking okay, fireman is banging on the door I got to get out, let me just grab a few things and be gone and I’ll be back,” said West fire victim Lisa Ford. "“There’s no words for it, it’s just like gone."

Alpine residents Stephanie Sorrels and Margot McNamara came up with the idea.

They want victims displaced or impacted by the West fire to swing by and pick up everything from clothing, household items, toiletries, cleaning supplies, tools, food, water and even pet supplies among many things.

Gift cards and tax deductible monetary donations will also be accepted for the Alpine Community Foundation.

“Everyone’s going to be settling at different times. Everyone’s rebuilding and so they’re going to need it down the road," said organizer Margot McNamara.

"But we’re not going to be going anywhere. There’s going to be a lot of companies like Red Cross is going to be leaving, but want the families to know that we’re still going to be there for them,” said organizer Stephanie Sorrels.

For people like Lisa who are essentially having to start over, the supply post gives her starting over. That kindness and generosity of so many gives her hope.

"It’s wonderful. How they all come together  and help get you back on your feet, and feeling secure and like it’s going to be okay,” said Ford.

Ford is one of many struggling. She has no savings and nothing left. Her family set up a  GoFundMe.

For more info please call or text Margo at 619-876-8713 or Stephanie at 619-573-5638


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