Federal judge rejects Trump administration lawsuit to block state sanctuary laws

SACRAMENTO — A federal judge dismissed the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California’s immigration laws on Monday.

Judge John Mendez, a George W. Bush appointee, approved California’s motion to throw out the federal lawsuit related to Senate Bill 54, the state sanctuary law, and Assembly Bill 103, which allows the California attorney general to inspect detention centers, the Sacramento Bee reported.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sued California over immigration policies, saying that state lawmakers overreached their authority.

The California laws prevented state law enforcement from sharing information about the release of criminal immigrants to federal agents and that prohibited their transfer to federal custody. Mendez also ruled that a plan for state inspection of detention facilities holding noncitizens for civil immigration proceedings, which included the review of certain federal immigration documents, could move forward for now, as well as a new labor code that required private employers to give workers advance notice of potential worksite inspections.

California passed the laws in what officials hailed as a rebuke of President Donald Trump’s aggressive immigration enforcement agenda.