Monsoon conditions sneak into East County forecast

SAN DIEGO — After a weekend of record-breaking heat, San Diego could experience some rain, clouds and humidity this week.

But meanwhile, inland parts of San Diego County continued under a heat advisory until 9 p.m. Sunday.

The region already experienced a sprinkling of rain in some areas on Saturday — helpful to firefighters battling local brushfires — and the National Weather Service tweeted Sunday morning that cumulus formations in the mountains indicated some rain may again descend on Southern California later in the day.

The county was then expected to see about a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday nights, according to the NWS.

Clouds were expected all week. Forecasters predicted temperatures near the coasts to start off the week in the upper 70s and gradually decline to the low-to-mid 70s by next Saturday.

Further inland, temperatures were expected to mostly remain above 90 degrees most of the week, with El Cajon and Escondido finally expected to drop below that level into the upper 80s on Friday.

Forecasters predicted Borrego Springs will remain warm, with forecasts above 100 degrees combined with possible thunderstorms all week.

Four cities in San Diego County broke daily maximum temperature records on Saturday.

Escondido broke its 1910 record of 103 degrees for July 7 when it recorded a high of 109 degrees. Ramona, at 108 degrees, broke its record of 102 degrees set just last year. And Alpine, at 104 degrees, topped its 1957 record of 103 degrees.

El Cajon tied its 1985 record of 97 degrees.

Three of those places also broke records for daily minimum temperatures on Saturday.

Escondido’s low of 78 beat out its July 7 record low of 71 in 1992. Heat in Ramona only dipped as low as 76, 12 degrees hotter than its record of 64 degrees in 2011. Alpine’s low was 83 degrees, far surpassing its record of 69 degrees in 2017.

Borrego Springs, at 92 degrees, also broke a minimum record temperature of 88 in 2017.

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