Neighbors react as homes burn in Alpine

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ALPINE, Calif. – Firefighters worked late into the night Friday to assess the damage caused by a 400-acre wildfire in Alpine.

It's not yet clear exactly how many homes burned in the so-called West Fire. But along Viejas View in a neighborhood known as the Highlands, six homes appeared to be a total loss. Jason Mulick’s neighbor’s home was one of them.

“I’m completely hit right now,” Mulick said. “My neighbors can’t come back to their place. It really sucks.”

Mulick was shocked to see his home still standing despite several of his neighbors’ homes being reduced to rubble.

"I know all of these people that lost their houses," Mulick said. "Very, very unfortunate."

Mulick's property sustained quite a bit of damage. He said although his “man cave” is no more and neither is his garage, he feels lucky he can call the place home thanks to the hardworking firefighters and his friends who helped put out the flames.

“This house probably would have gone up if these people hadn’t have helped me out,” Mulick said.

Down the road, Mark Sweeney was happy to see his parents’ home of about 20 years left untouched.

“Flames were high in the sky and I don’t know how this house got saved,” Sweeney said.

Just feet away, at least five of Sweeney's neighbors’ homes and cars were damaged and destroyed.

“I watched the man next door, he was at his mailbox with his head down and I knew -- I could feel that -- a total loss of your home,” Sweeney said.

Despite the heaviness they feel, many residents are also looking on the bright side.

“I think everybody got out OK,” Mulick said. “As quick as this hit us I haven’t heard of anybody that got left behind, so great news.”

Cal Fire officials said they have not received any reports of homeowners who were injured.

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