Kelvin Hoefler continues pursuing skateboarding dream

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SAN DIEGO -- One of skateboarding's biggest events arrives this weekend in Los Angeles and a young pro skater who skates all over San Diego hopes to continue his success in the Street League with an eye towards the Japan Olympics.

Kelvin Hoefler grew up skating in the streets of Brazil and moved to California four years ago to pursue his dream of professional skateboarding.

"I'm just skating with my friends, just having fun since I was a kid," Hoefler said.

That fun led to winning gold twice at the X-Games. In 2015 he won the Super Crown World Championship as a rookie on the Street League Skateboarding Tour, the premier competitive series in skateboarding.

"Other sports you're just training and training," said Hoefler. "For us it's different. Just skating, having fun and learning new tricks with my friends."

Indoor Street League skating turns arenas into custom skatepark plazas, featuring everything you'd see if you were to walk downtown, meaning skaters must be creative in their approaches.

"I really like to do kick-flip tricks, I like flipping my board a lot because it's kind of hard sometimes and I really like to risk a lot," said Hoefler.

For Hoefler, taking risks has certainly paid off.

"When I was a kid I was thinking a lot about how I want to be one day like a Tony Hawk, like a Bob Burnquist and right now I am here in California, next to Bob, next to Tony Hawk," said Hoefler. "Kind of like a dream come true. Every single day I wake up like man, I'm skating with those dudes. So if you're a kid, just go with your dream."

The Street League World Tour kicks off Saturday in Los Angeles.

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