Big Bay Boom preparations underway

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SAN DIEGO -- A lot of work goes into planning the largest Fourth of July fireworks show in Southern California.

The Big Bay Boom is a 17-minute annual Independence Day synchronized fireworks spectacular.

"The song doesn't change. The fireworks need to," said Sam Bruggema, pyro show producer. "It gets better and better every year and that's the exciting part is our new pyrotechnics add new excitement."

Bruggema is constantly on the lookout for more unique and brilliant fireworks for everyone to enjoy.

"The music has a need for a lot of movement fireworks so we have a lot of stuff that propels or swishes," Bruggema said. "It's kind of a mixture of stuff that we use."

A crew of 27 has been actively working on the San Diego Port for days, putting thousands of shelves in place on four different barges.

"This stuff will hit on beat to the note, very tight in precision," Bruggema said.

Bruggema said the Big Bay Boom will fill the sky, keeping everyone's attention from start to finish.

"We've got a new and enhanced half-and-half shell," Bruggema said. "They change colors three times. So they swap the color and then they go back to the original color and then they'll go to a third effect after that swap."

Despite all the hard work and long hours, those putting the show together say the Big Bay Boom is worth it.

"It's the crowd reaction," Bruggema said. "You make a lot of people happy. It's celebrating America. Our independence is so important."

The theme this year is a salute to the military families of our service heroes.

Watch the Big Bay Boom coverage on FOX 5 beginning at 8 p.m. Wednesday.

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