Armed domestic violence suspect arrested in Oceanside

OCEANSIDE, Calif. -- Police tracked down an armed domestic violence suspect after a search through an Oceanside neighborhood Friday.

Officers set up a perimeter near the intersection of Marson and Walton streets south of Highway 76 and west of Canyon Drive while they searched for the man accused of attacking a woman in the 1700 block of Loretta Street.

The man had been running from police when he crashed his truck into a resident's backyard, taking out a gazebo, and fled into a canyon area. Before the suspect crashed his truck, a neighbor said he threw a rifle away into their backyard.

Officers tracked down the man and arrested him around 11 a.m. They also recovered the weapon from a nearby yard. Police confirmed it was an AR-15 style assault rifle.

Police say the victim was hospitalized, but should be fine. No details were given about the alleged domestic attack.