Husky plays imperative role in rescuing hiker

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A hearing-impaired hiker that fell from the side of a mountain is alive thanks to a furry hero.

Alaska State Troopers say they received a report of an injured hiker along Crow Creek Pass Trail the evening of June 20 . The trail is located 26 miles from Anchorage. After launching the trooper helicopter, only a sleeping bag and a dog near the bank of the river could be seen from the air, Alaska authorities said.

Amelia Milling, 21, says she was inside the sleeping bag “wet, dazed, and a bit scraped up.”

Milling says the adventure began when her trekking poles broke during the first 4 miles of the trail.  She fell down the part of the mountain that was covered in snow and discovered a white Alaskan husky shortly after her fall. The furry hero came to her aid without hesitation and guided her back to the trail where they reached the Eagle River crossing.

Wind speeds began to kick up and Milling fell into the river.  The husky, named Nookie, pulled her out.  A rescue crew was able to locate Milling after she activated her SPOT device for help when she became hyperthermic.

Rescuers loaded Milling, her belongings and Nookie in the HELO-3.  Authorities say that all communication was accomplished by writing in a notebook due to Milling’s hearing impairment. Milling was looked over my paramedics before her friends picked her up.

The rescue crew noted Nookie’s tag and eventually returned the dog to his owner.

Nookie’s owner, Scott Swift says this was not the first time his four-legged friend saved a life.


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