Coyote returns to wild after plastic tube removed from her neck

RAMONA, Calif. – A coyote rescued with a tube around its neck has been released into the wild.

The wounded coyote was found in a backyard in North County on May 22. It was taken to the Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, an affiliate of the Humane Society,  where it was treated for severe injuries.

An animal care team removed the construction tube and treated her wounds. She was nursed back to a healthy weight.

“The care provided by our team over the following weeks resulted in the return of this coyote’s appetite and a truly remarkable rate of healing of all the wounds around her neck," said Matthew Anderson, director of the wildlife care center.  Her days were spent in a state of the art recovery room where she was given everything she required for a full recovery. Veterinary examinations confirmed that she was responding well to treatment and a full recovery was expected.”

An exam on June 19 revealed she was healed and transfered to an outdoor enclosure designed for coyotes. Three days later, the coyote was set free.

"Her recovery and release is a true success story and I am delighted that she is now back in the wild. This would not have been possible without the concern and intervention of local residents and my team of dedicated rehabilitation professionals. This female coyote is a wonderful example of the many orphaned, ill or injured patients we care for every day and she is an ambassador for the efforts of The Fund for Animals,” Anderson said.

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