Local clergy to visit immigrant children’s shelters

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SAN DIEGO -- Local clergy members and civil rights leaders gathered in Oak Park Wednesday to announce their plans to visit undocumented children who have been separated from their families and kept at local shelters.

The announcement came within hours of President Trump signing an executive order calling on immigration officials to start keeping families together while processing and charging adults who entered the country illegally.

But some details of the enforcement change remain undetermined, and the reunions will not take place overnight, so the local leaders say their plans to visit children kept in shelters in San Ysidro and El Cajon by Friday remain unchanged.

Pastor Jesus Sandoval, congregation leader at New Harvest Church in Oak Park, spoke at the event organized Wednesday. "There's a lot of division going on in politics -- and sometimes even in the community, and sometimes within the churches as well," he said. "But when you have children being separated from their parents because they're trying to find a better life, they're trying to find safety ... We believe as a faith community, children are better together with their families."

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