Muggy weather, slight chance of thunderstorms today

SAN DIEGO - There's a very small chance of isolated showers or even a thunderstorm in San Diego County Friday as a weak low-pressure system spins off the coast of Southern California.

The low-pressure system is pushing high clouds over the county with satellite images Friday morning showing the clouds streaming northward over the region.

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Those high clouds mean temperatures will dip Friday with an even more significant cool-down set for the weekend and Father's Day when temperatures will by 10 to 15 degrees from where they were earlier this week.

High temperatures today will be 68 to 73 degrees at the beaches, 72 to 77 inland, 75 to 80 in the western valleys, 80 to 85 near the foothills, 79 to 89 in the mountains and 101 in the deserts.

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