Bail set at $500K for ex-Torrey Pines student charged with making threats

SAN DIEGO -- A judge issued a $50,000 arrest warrant Tuesday for a former Torrey Pines High School student accused of posting threats targeting the school on his Instagram account after the young man did not appear at his arraignment.

Kevin Gregory Matlak, 21, was charged with making criminal threats but did not appear at the Tuesday hearing because he is being treated at a psychiatric hospital, his attorney said.

Matlak faces four years and four months in prison if convicted, said Deputy District Attorney Matthew Greco.

Matlak is accused of posting a series of threatening Instagram posts on May 31.  Some of his former classmates from 2015 saw the posts and alerted law enforcement.  He was arrested a short time later but not before school authorities shut down Torrey Pines High School for a day.

Bail was originally set at $50,000, and Matlak bailed out of jail and voluntarily checked himself in to a lockdown mental health facility, defense attorney Brian Watkins.

Matlak's defense attorney, Brian Watkins, said his client never intended to harm anyone and didn't threaten anyone directly, but three former classmates read his posts on Instagram and felt threatened by them.

"I hate all of you," Matlak wrote in one post, according to Greco.

"Get the (expletive) out of San Diego 2K18 before I find u," the defendant wrote in another post. Matlak also posted a photo of an AR-15 rifle, Greco said.

Judge Maureen Hallahan agreed with Greco that Matlak was a danger and issued a $500,000 warrant for his arrest. The judge said she wanted to make sure Torrey Pines had a safe graduation ceremony on Friday .

Watkins told reporters he expects Matlak to be in court Wednesday for arraignment.