Storage containers used as homes in Sacramento

SACRAMENTO, Calif — A new housing concept is making its way to Sacramento. A small shipping container home in Oak Park is the only one of its kind in the city.

With 320 square feet of space, Matt Leonardo says he had this shipping container retrofitted to be a livable space.

“I think people are attracted to a unique home like this,” said Leonardo.

The container comes with a bed room, air conditioning, television, a complete kitchen and bathroom.

“This is where the Vanity is, it’s a lot better space wise,” said Leonardo pushing a sliding door to reveal the sink and mirror.

But getting a home like this constructed comes with challenges.

“It seemed easier at the time, which i think in the long run wasn’t as easy as it could have been,” said Leonardo.

The build took time. The permitting process was drawn out and difficult.

“The building department had never seen something like this so they were a little hesitant to approve something like this,” said Leonardo.

And what about costs? Is this an affordable housing unit?

“It seemed like oh that will be cheaper, that will be easier to do, but I think in the long run it wasn’t,” said Leonardo.

Leonardo says there still may be a future for shipping container homes to put a dent in the state’s housing crisis.

“You could do a lot more off site and then drop it on there and weld it to the foundation,” said Leonardo.

He says if containers can be mass produced with cheaper materials; more small homes could be delivered.

“It’s definitely a good solution to it,” said Leonardo.

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