Brave bystander rushes to help woman attacked near North Park

SAN DIEGO -- Police are looking for a man who mugged a woman near North Park earlier this week.

Around 1 a.m. Tuesday, San Diego police officers said they were called to Polk Avenue near 35th Street where they found a 25-year-old woman bleeding.

“Her face was just bloody," Julio Romo said. "She had some bruises already going on, on her chest. She was clutching her bag."

Romo said he heard her calls for help and rushed to help her.

“She was just like, 'help! help! help! Call the police,'" Romo said. “I’m barefoot. I literally just run down the stairs, tell my sister to call the police, and I’m running and I see someone come out from this direction as well and she’s ahead of me and we both catch up and we started running down this way until we get to the alley."

It was in the alley where he said they found a woman crying and pulling herself up from the ground. According to Romo, the woman said a man tried to steal her purse.

“I think I recall her saying that he was trying to pull her in the car, but kudos to her -- she was a girl that fought back and she was taller than me and she looked like she could hold her own, and it looked like she did,” Romo said.

Police said at some point, she was punched in the face several times. Her injury was severe enough that she was taken to a hospital.

Residents told FOX 5 they are not only concerned that this happened near their home, but not far from an elementary school.

Romo said he is also in shock over what happened, but at the same time is thankful he found the woman alert and conscious.

“I hate to say this, but if it was a different scenario and maybe if it was a smaller girl and not as strong as this woman was, it could have been worse,” Romo said.

Police said they do not currently have a good description of the suspect or the car he was in.