Police arrest man after shooting him with bean bag

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A man was arrested in National City after police shot him with a bean-bag round when he failed to lie down on the ground as commanded, authorities said.

NATIONAL CITY, Calif. – Police shot an apparently uncooperative man with a non-lethal round Thursday as they tried to take him into custody in National City.

The arrest took place in the 1600 block of Roosevelt Avenue shortly after noon. Officers found the suspect when they went to the area to check out a report of a woman being held by a man against her will.

Video of the incident shows the man on his knees on the ground. Three officers appear to be giving the man orders. At one point, one of the officers fires a large bean-bag round and hits the man in the leg. The officers continue shouting at the man, who eventually lies face down on the sidewalk. Police then handcuff the man.

National City police confirmed that they went to the area near Kimball Park after receiving a call about a woman being held against her will, but they would not provide additional details.  It was not clear if the woman involved in the incident was injured.

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