Vandals tag East County McDonald’s with offensive graffiti

SAN DIEGO – An East County McDonald’s was tagged with graffiti considered by most as a hate crime.

“I just thought it looks like a sign of hate crime," Edward Davidson said after seeing graffiti on a McDonald's on Jamaica Road in Rancho San Diego over the weekend. “Putting that symbol up is one of the most offensive things you can do after what happened in WWII.”

The graffiti appeared to be a Star of David, a figure recognized as a Jewish symbol and it’s also associated with the Holocaust and Nazi persecution.

Davidson said it’s personal because his grandparents escaped Nazi occupation.

“I guess some people don’t believe in the Holocaust, but it should be a reminder to people that’s the star they put on the inmates when they locked them up," said Davidson.

Other people passing by the restaurant were upset by the tagging.

“People are hateful, very hateful. I don’t like it," said one woman.

While FOX 5 talked with bystanders, employees came out of the McDonald's to cover up the graffiti, that had been on the wall for several days.

McDonald’s management did not respond to questions about why it took so long to cover it up.

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