SDUSD Board votes to promote climate change education

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SAN DIEGO – A resolution underscoring the San Diego Unified School District’s support for educating students about climate change was unanimously approved Tuesday by the Board of Education.

“San Diego Unified shall define climate-science literacy as an understanding of human influence on the climate and the climate’s influence on humanity,” the statement asserts.

The measure does not introduce any new policies in the district, California’s second largest, but rather underscores the district’s dedication to educating students about what the board says is an “essential” topic.

Half a dozen people spoke in favor of the proposal, including science author Blair Lee.

“We’re in the middle of an environmental crisis,” she said. “If you think I’m incorrect, it only illustrates my point.”

The resolution also outlines steps the district has taken to respond to science that overwhelmingly shows that human activity is warming the planet.

The district is in the process of shifting to next-generation science curricula because of its emphasis on climate literacy and advanced scientific concepts, according to a staff report. Its 2015 Climate Action Plan aims to have 100 percent of the district’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2035.

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