North County mom hears son’s heart beat again inside the man it saved

SAN DIEGO — One year after Mathieu Bergeron died in a tragic skateboarding accident, his mother and girlfriend were able to hear his heartbeat once again.

Bergeron was an organ donor, and after his death in May 2017, the 20-year-old North County man’s heart helped save the life of Dr. Murray Alsip.

Alsip had suffered from a heart condition that made it difficult for him to walk and, at times, even breathe — but today he is healthy, and reunited with Bergeron’s loved ones. With the help of a stethoscope, Bergeron’s mother, Jhade Li, and girlfriend, Jessica Wallach, heard Mathieu’s heartbeat inside Alsip’s chest for the first time Tuesday.

“It’s kind of indescribable really … I knew the day would come, but when the day comes, it’s just such a transformation that you can’t express in words,” Alsip said of finally meeting his donor’s family.

The meeting was arranged by Lifesharing, an organ donation group serving San Diego and Imperial counties.

Lifesharing says more than 2,000 people like Alsip are currently on the transplant waiting list in the San Diego area. One person can save eight lives through organ donation and heal as many as 75 others through eye and tissue donation, according to the group.

You can learn more and register to become a donor here.

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