Police fire bean bags, arrest man after standoff in Hillcrest

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SAN DIEGO -- Police fired non-lethal bean bag rounds and took a man into custody early Wednesday afternoon after a prolonged standoff outside a residence in Hillcrest.

The man was taken to a hospital for evaluation, the San Diego Police Department said. Officers confirmed that the man had been armed during the standoff.

Officers initially responded around 7:45 a.m. to a dwelling in the 400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue where a caller reported a possible kidnapping, SDPD's Steve Bourasa said. When officers arrived, two people in the residence came out, but a third person stayed inside, where he claimed to have a shotgun and a desire to harm himself, police said.

“They were able to get two people out of the house who said they lived there.They said there was a male inside with a shotgun having a psychiatric episode. They said he was armed the shotgun was loaded we then at that point determined nobody else was inside the house. We set up containment on the house and immediately began negotiation,” said San Diego Police Lt. Dan Grubbs.

Residents and business owners were quickly cleared out of surrounding buildings.

“A lot of yelling and that was the police saying come out with your hands up,” said property owner Carol Kerr.  “When the police saw me they said you need to evacuate the building and stand out in the alley."

Motorists were asked to avoid the area near Fourth, Fifth and Pennsylvania avenues, portions of which were closed until the standoff ended.

Two businesses, Deli Lama and a nail shop, were closed due to the standoff.

Nearby Florence Elementary School was not locked down.

“Much rather have him come out on his own recognizance but this is definitely a better outcome then what it could’ve resulted in," said San Diego Police Lt. Dan Grubbs. "Officers used extreme patience and care given the amount of time and the close proximity of the weapon and his access to the weapon. They did everything they could to prevent having to use lethal force."



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