Wanted sex offender stabs K-9 multiple times after chase

CARMICHAEL, Calif. - Sacramento County Sheriff's deputy dog was recovering after being stabbed in the head multiple times following a pursuit.

A West Sacramento parole agent notified the sheriff’s department around 11:40 a.m. Saturday of convicted sex offender Jackie Burke, who was believed to be in their jurisdiction.

Burke, 41, who was currently under GPS ankle monitor supervision, was tracked by deputies to 4500 Hackberry Lane in Carmichael.

When they attempted to stop Burke, he fled and led deputies on a low-speed pursuit ending near a senior living home. Burke claimed he had a gun and refused to surrender.

"Upon exiting the vehicle [Burke] was concealing one of his hands as if he was armed. Our officers were able to engage him with a less lethal shotgun beanbag round. He was struck with one beanbag round," said Hampton, adding that they sent Jedi in help get Burke.

Burke had been hiding a knife in his hand and attacked Jedi, a deputy said. Then, he was taken into custody.

The 3-year-old dog was transported to a veterinary hospital.

“Jedi," who has been a cop for a little over a year, came out of emergency surgery Saturday night. He was being treated for stab wounds to his head and around his eye.

"When you see your K-9 partner injured, I can attest to it, it's an extremely difficult situation," Sgt. Shaun Hampton told KTXL.

Jedi is expected to recover.

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