No lack of choice in race for California governor

The race is on to replace Democrat Jerry Brown, California’s governor for the past eight years, who is forbidden by term limits from seeking re-election.

Twenty-seven candidates are competing in the June 5 primary.  In the state’s top-two primary system, the candidates with the first and second most votes will move on to a final runoff election for the governor’s office in November.

Voter Resources for the June 5 California Primary

Democrat Gavin Newsom is leading major polls, leading many experts to describe the race as a competition between the remaining candidates for a final spot to run against him.

Below you’ll find a guide to the most prominent candidates, with links to their campaign websites, and a link to a complete list of those participating in the race.

The current front-runners for governor, organized in alphabetical order are:

  • Travis Allen (Rep.) – Allen is a Republican member of the California State Assembly, representing a district made up of largely coastal Orange County communities since 2012. Allen describes himself as a conservative small business owner who would lower taxes, “get tough on crime” and improve infrastructure as governor. Watch Allen’s interview with FOX 5.
  • John Chiang (Dem.) – John Chiang is the state’s Democratic Treasurer and a former state controller. Chiang describes himself as a thoughtful, financially responsible progressive who would lower the cost of healthcare, increase affordable housing and improve the state’s education system as governor.
  • John Cox (Rep.) – John Cox is a Rancho Santa Fe businessman and former Newt Gingrich Finance Chair who recently earned President Trump’s endorsement. Cox describes himself as a conservative leader who would supports 2nd Amendment rights, end California’s “Sanctuary State” policies and roll back regulations on businesses. Watch Cox’s interview with FOX 5.
  • Delaine Eastin (Dem.) – Delaine Eastin is a San Diego native and a former state Superintendent of Public Instruction and State Assemblymember. Eastin describes herself as a visionary who isn’t afraid to take on the “rich and powerful,” who would emphasize environmental issues, gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform as governor.
  • Gavin Newsom (Dem.) – Gavin Newsom is California’s Democratic Lietuenant Governor and the former mayor of San Francisco. Newsom describes himself as a progressive who would expand affordable healthcare — he has touted a single-payer system — defend immigrant communities, environmental and civil rights.
  • Antonio Villaraigosa (Dem.) – Antonio Villaraigosa is a Democratic former Mayor of Los Angeles and union organizer. Villaraigosa describes himself as an experience leader and working class advocate who would create more high-wage jobs, protect the state’s so-called DREAMers and create more affordable housing. Watch Villaraigosa’s interview with FOX 5.

You can find a complete list of the candidates for governor here.