San Dieguito Academy prank locks out dozens of students

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SAN DIEGO – San Dieguito Academy had a delayed start Monday due to a prank.

San Dieguito Academy custodial staff arrived to campus Monday morning to find the locks on exterior doors glued shut, according to school administrators.

In video shared with FOX 5 by a freshman of the academy, multiple school officials were seen scrambling to get the doors unhinged to resume classes as scheduled.

A FOX 5 crew went to the campus two hours after the school's scheduled start time and students appeared to still be stuck outside, but school officials said it only took 45 minutes to gain access to the classrooms.

"While the perpetrator is unknown at this point, school administration and the Sheriff's Department are cooperating to investigate this act of vandalism at our school," San Dieguito Academy administrators stated.

Anyone with information should contact the San Diego County Sheriff's Department in Encinitas, SDA school administrators or the 24-hour anonymous hotline 800-78-CRIME.

The incident appeared to be a senior prank, which is usually done by students who seize an opportunity to pull off shenanigans ahead of graduation. Although, a person claiming to be involved in the investigation who wanted to remain anonymous told FOX 5 it was not a "senior prank."

"After speaking with several seniors, no one had been informed of this happening. Additionally, no one has heard of anyone who may have been apart of this."

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