10 SEALs to be discharged after failing drug tests

SAN DIEGO – Ten Navy SEALs will be discharged after testing positive for cocaine or methamphetamines, it was reported.

The enlisted Navy SEALs and another sailor who supported special warfare failed a series of regular drug screenings during March and April, US Naval Institute News reported Thursday.

The group is in the process of being administratively discharged from the service, USNI reported.

“During a number of command drug tests from March to April 2018, 11 service members from East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare units tested positive for controlled substances,” Cmdr. Tamara Lawrence said in a statement to USNI. “We have a zero-tolerance policy for the use of illicit drugs and as such these individuals will be held accountable for their actions. We are confident in our drug testing procedures and will continue to impress on all members of the command that illicit drugs are incompatible with the SEAL ethos and Naval service.”

None of the people involved were identified.

The Navy announced in late 2016 they were taking action to address drug use in the military.