FOX 5’s Raoul Martinez says dads really need to see Charlize Theron’s ‘Tully’

SAN DIEGO - Actress Charlize Theron teamed up with director Jason Reitman for their new film "Tully" about the struggles of motherhood.

Theron plays Marlo, who has two other children, and is having a tough time of it all.

Marlo’s husband Drew (played by Ron Livingston of Office Space) appears content with coming home from work, giving his wife grief for merely heating up a frozen pizza for dinner, and playing video games in the bedroom.

When baby Mia comes along, things get worse.

FOX 5's Raoul Martinez saw a screening of the movie and he has a new appreciation for his wife and all moms.

"If you're a mom - you need to see this movie. If you're a dad you REALLY need to see this movie," Martinez said.