Soon San Diegans will have to use area codes for local calls

SAN DIEGO — Starting in mid-May, you won’t be able to reach a local 619 or 858 number without dialing the proper area code first.

The new policy is part of a plan to keep San Diego from running out of available phone numbers.

The California Public Utilities Commission predicts that all of the possible combinations starting with 619 will be used up by the end of the year — whereas 858 numbers are expected to last another 30 years.

Rather than adding a new area code, the CPUC is blending together the two codes to make them both available across the region.

What does this mean for you?

Starting May 19, you’ll need to enter the three-digit area code before dialing the final seven digits of a local number. If you’re using a landline, you’ll also need to dial “1” before the three-digit code. The call or message won’t be completed if you don’t.

All customers with existing 619 or 858 numbers will retain their current phone numbers.

You can read more about the policy change here.