Disabled residents say La Jolla roads are too dangerous to go for a walk

SAN DIEGO -- Business owners and disabled residents say that cracked and damaged roads in the La Jolla Shores area are simply dangerous.

“My husband and I no longer walk, because the roads are terrible,” said Kathleen, a disabled resident who added that her requests for road repairs from the city have gone unanswered.

And recent efforts by the city to install access ramps to help people in wheelchairs get from the sidewalk to the street haven't eased concerns.

Barbara Beltaire, owner of Barbarella Restaurant and Bar, told FOX 5 that there are still massive potholes in the street.

“So they get off the sidewalk and now how do they get across the street? It doesn’t make any sense … The city needs to stop wasting money and fix these damn roads. It’s just stupid,” said Beltaire.

But city officials say progress is underway: "There are multiple Capital Improvement Projects in process and starting in the area, including water and sewer pipe replacement and [moving] over-head utilities underground," they told FOX 5 in a statement.

CIP projects typically trigger the repaving of streets after work is completed.

In the meantime, the city also recommended residents use the "Get It Done" app, San Diego's official app for reporting non-emergency problems around the city.